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She is very thin and kind she is cute too She is very thin and kind she is cute too 翻译好点 as...as... 和such...as 在句子中的用法最近看到下面两个句子I've never seen such interesting movies as is directed by Zhang Yimou.The Nanshan Park is as interesting a park as I've ever seen.这分别是什么用法啊,麻烦给点语 for example和such as有什么区别? what to choose?please help meThe present-day English,there are numerousnew linguistic facts which do not always _____ with the accepted rules of grammar.A confirm B squareC comform D correspond but then he took them off and gave them back to the shopkeeper and said,翻译 If you need help,please phone me 改为同义句 If you need help,please ··· such as 和for example用法上有什么区别 If you n___ some help ,please phone me 2.She said that she _____ her best to help them the next term.A.will do B.woul do请问为什么不选A3.People said that the Smiths _____ for a holiday next week.A.say; will go B.said; will go C.said; would go请问为什么不选B、C我觉得这 Forget the past.Immediate value.As long as you have me on it.I do not want to think before.Have you enough. for example,such as 的用法 I have f___ in the parl.Next Saturday I want to go there again. i said goodbye to them and took the coat home ___.选A.happy 还是B.happily 为什么? time and again i have want to write you but……这是一篇英语书信的开头.请问那个write 和you之间需不需要加个to呀, "such as"和"example"的区别与用法. i want to have the truth,i want to show to you 歌词源于哪首歌 i got close enough to hear them speaking Chinese,and i said“ni hao”just as i do in china.a,must b,might c,can d,should 2012四川英语的题 选什么 句子意思是什么啊 You have not made the mistake anything,is only I does not want to continue again!翻译 And he said unto them ,go ye into all the worid and preach the gospel to every creature for example 后可加多少个句子,怎么加? 有没有化学符号是字母(I)(读ai)的元素 关于for example的句子 此句是:You should go out to play sports,for example,________[选填playing basketball和play baskeball].注:此句是我的一篇英语作文的句子,也可能两个选项都不对.如果不对,请给出正确用法 How do you and your friends compare with the people in the article?Write five sentences.I'm different from Jeff because I'm louder than the other kids in my class.My best friend is similar to Larry because she's less hard-working than me.字数30.40. such后面接句子还是词,还是都可以?for example后面接句子还是词?分别都接几个例子? plase write an article about beijing and introduce it to the foreign friends during your activity.怎么翻译啊? He is i----- in getting on line.My baby sister is two m---- old,and she is very lovely. please什么 an email to a new friends I love her busecause she is very smart and lovely. 找一首英文歌,其中有句歌词是she is lovely she is lovely she is pretty应该是一首比较老的歌了! i want to call my friend.where is the p() phone? idon't want say good bye to the in comparison to 和 compared with 有什么区别?